The premiere at TIFF

23JAN_Winter_Cinma_Mohamed_Jabaly (24)
The City Square in Tromsø was packed for the premiere. (Photo: Mohamed Jabaly/TIFF)

Saturday 23rd January Tromsø International Filmfestival invited big and small monsters in Tromsø for the great outdoor monster premiere of “Dunder”.

The City Square of Tromso was filled with people, who enjoyed “sun buns” from COOP and toddy from Kaffebønna while watching “Dunder” and the Disney Pixar classic “Monsters, Inc”. Singer Heidi Solheim performed “Ludibunder”, the song from the end titles and from the “Monstermos” album.

23JAN_Winter_Cinma_Mohamed_Jabaly (14)
Heidi Solheim performed “Ludibunder” and Bulder and Modika danced. (Photo: Mohamed Jabaly/TIFF)

The film was very well recieved by both kids and grown ups, and we’re very happy we got the chance to screen it at this special, unique outdoor cinema.

Around 1000 people attended the screening.

23JAN_Winter_Cinma_Mohamed_Jabaly (21).JPG
What an adventure! (Photo: Muhamed Jabaly/TIFF)

“Dunder” was also screened in the short film programme “Films from the North” at the festival, but to Fabelfjord and the Dunder staff this was the real premiere, as it was the first time kids were able to watch it.

23JAN_Winter_Cinma_Mohamed_Jabaly (20)
Director Endre Skandfer introduces the film and give praise for animators and voice actors.

Before the screening, writer Endre Lund Eriksen and director Endre Skandfer launched the book based on the film “Dunder” at Bokhuset Libris. The book can be ordered from – in Norwegian or in English.



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