The book

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A new Dunderly book is out – based on the film!

“Dunder” is based on the Dunderly books by Endre Lund Eriksen and Endre Skandfer, but the story in the film is new and has never been published in a book. Until now…

A brand new picture book with the magic pictures from the film, and text by Endre Lund Eriksen.

It’s available in both English and Norwegian. Order at

The story

Bulder and Modika are out playing in the snow, having ludibunder together. But then Lex shows up, and he wants to do quiet things together with Modika. Suddenly Bulder is all alone. Bulder will go a long way to get rid of Lex and have Modika to himself. But maybe he goes a bit too far …?

The pictures

The pictures are taken from the film, but given a touch of director Endre Skandfer’s magic hand.

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