The film


The story

Bulder, a wild and funny monster, is playing with his best friend Modika. Their snowball fight is interrupted when quiet Lex invites Modika to study snowflakes. Bulder tries to capture Modikas attention with a well placed snowball which hits Lex squarely on his head, resulting in Modika´s anger and rejection. Alone, Bulder then discovers a cave with a spectacular secret, but his jealousy drives him to make a mischievous plan to win Modika´s attention back. A plan that he may well come to regret.

Dunder teaser #1 from Fabelfjord on Vimeo.

“DUNDER” is a 9 minute short for children created in a unique style that combines 3D animation and miniature sets. The characters are animated through Blender with backgrounds made by minature sets, shots taken in the FilmCamp studio in Målselv, Norway. The end result is a film experience that breathes new life into the characters, giving them texture and depth that you normally only get from high quality stop-motion animation films.


Directed by Endre Skandfer

Based on the Dunderly books by Endre Lund Eriksen and Endre Skandfer